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Presidente da Câmara Municipal

300 artists, 33 countries, 500 works of art… Vila Nova de Cerveira (Village of Cerveira) welcomes the 18th International Art Biennial of Cerveira, one of the most important events of the visual arts in our country. Between July 18 and September 19, this magnificent corner of the Alto Minho returns to breathe creative excellence.

37 years causing the artistic intervention and to promote a single exchange cultural experiences. 37 years of commitment, dedication and hard work. 37 years that consolidated the concept of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Village of Cerveira) as ‘Village of the Arts’ and that many appreciated and magnified this event 37 years of achievements that increase and project, nationally and internationally its recognition in the world of arts, such as the recent award of the European seal EFFE 2015-2016 by Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, distinguishing the excellence of this festival in its daily work place throughout the Europe.

Assuming the continuation of the model implemented since the 1st edition, which in 1978 had the temerity to awaken sleeping consciences, one of the keys to the success of the Biennial of Cerveira lies in the smart and firm way to keep up with new trends and the theme selected for this 18th edition expresses exactly that by proposing to “Look at the past to build the future.” It aims to identify the knowledge and traditions of the region reflected in previous editions, in order to shape greater modernity in the promising future of the event.

The program presented for 2015 is defined by a consolidation of ingredients that point to a more international horizon of the event: cultural diversity, artistic quality, professionalism in the organization and great interactivity art-artists-visitors. Nevertheless, it will continue the path of decentralization, boosting partnerships with several municipalities of northern Portugal and Galicia, spreading the idea of a biennal for all.

Because the success of the Biennial of Cerveira brand has faces, and continuing to remember the dream of the creators and founders, the 18th Biennial will pay a deserved tribute to the artist Eurico Gonçalves, by his enriching contribution to the image that the event has today; and to the architect Alcino Soutinho by his intervention in the Castle of Cerveira, symbol of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Village of Cerveira), warning of a more objective integration of this monument in the destiny of ‘Vila das Artes’ (Village of the Arts); and to the master engraver Dacos by his intense collaboration and work over these years in Vila Nova de Cerveira (Village of Cerveira).

Representative of a huge collective effort of organization, but also financial, I want to leave, right now, our deep gratitude to all those engaged in the preparation and to all public and private entities, that with their financial contribution, make it possible the achievement of this ‘Biennial’. A thank also to the curators and participating artists as well as all the people of Cerveira by their contribution to the success of the event, with their involvement and art of hospitality.

Throughout this dynamic, I am convinced that the 18th edition will shine and success than the previous ones have already accustomed us, attracting more visitors and generating truly compelling tourist flows. Those who visit Vila Nova de Cerveira (Village of Cerveira) breathe art in and out doors at any time of the year, but during the next two months the artistic intensity presented in another edition of the International Art Biennial of Cerveira, is raised.

João Fernando Brito Nogueira

Mayor of Vila Nova de Cerveira